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Porky’s Revenge vs Lads on Tour







5 people who are old enough to know better and one who is wondering how he got into this in the first place.

I don’t normally blog this, but I play competitive 5-aside on Wednesdays. The odd game gets blogged usually here at Sporting Outpost .

Anyways , due to our daring do and odd fixture list last season we have been recently promoted up a division which means that we now have to pull our weary fingers out more than usual, as the pace and skill level has increased from clogger to stroller.

We have played this team before some time ago, and normally done OK, but we had to be on guard for a small fella, who should be playing a league or 2 above. Also their goalkeeper is known to us , as he usually plays for about 4 teams a season !

The game opened OK with us making a few forays into their half with no end product. They managed to hit us on the break and take a quick 2-0 lead. Problem. As mentioned the pace is a lot quicker. We managed to get it back to 2-2 with a great curler from Mick and pretty tasty goal from your truly.

By half time it was 5-3 and we weren’t out of it. Mike went on a mission in the second half scoring four and missing 3. Our January transfer signing Mikey scored a well placed bottom corner shot to push the opposition somewhat. Then they stepped up and we were getting tired. Dazzler was in goal, not his first choice, but fair play to anyone who want to be there in this game. A couple of well placed drilled shots flew in from the opposition. And he managed to perform the worm, miss the ball  (which hit the post), bounce back, hit his still wriggling arse and go in. Unlucky Sir. This actually happened twice, but some well placed referee deception from me stopped the other being counted. Pele and Terry toiled hard in the middle, setting up the goal machine. I’m sure when we are back fully fit the goals will come from midfield. I managed to get one more goal prior to the end of proceedings.

End result we lost 12 – 8. But nothing to be disappointed about. We are playing well in a better league and need to adapt. Key is passing, and passing quicker, we don’t have the time we used to. Decision should be snapped and not deliberated. Hard work ahead.

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  1. January 8, 2016 at 02:18

    porky rvenge i LOVE hat movie

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