WHUFC vs Tottenham Hotspur EPL 2016/2017 06/05/2017


Cast your mind back to 2006 and this. Well #ItHappenedAgain but minus the Lasagna.

Our friends from round the 406 popped over for a pre weekend festivity in our first (I think) Friday night game for while (ever ?).

A win for the visitors would guarantee them second and really put the pressure on Chelsea for the title. More of a cup final for the Totts than they want to believe.

Slaven put us out again with everyone in their correct positions. You could argue that Ayew should not be on the left, but he cut in well with Lanzini when required to support Calleri. Calleri was once again favoured over Fletcher which is puzzling as Slaven was bigging up Fletch in the press this week. Calleri works and works but with no end product his only benefit is that of occupying defences.

In our last home outing against Everton we pushed up high and defended from the front. Tactics this time were to drop a bit and let Spurs have the ball in their half . Not quite parking the bus but probably sensible against a team that have been dominating teams from the midfield forward all season. Byram looked a little more comfortable in right midfield, maybe less responsibility ?  The back 3 again were imperious and Byram and Cresswell seemed to drop into space when required. Once again square pegs for square holes. Easy.

Our opponents have 3 players that on their day can run any game, and few that aren’t far behind. This game was one too many. They were overrun in the middle, Alli got nothing all game (apart from some stick when he got a bit sulky down near our corner towards the end of the match) . Kane was absent plain and simple. They had 2 chances well saved in the first half by Adrian, and that was that. We didn’t exactly create a host of goal scoring opportunities either, but similar to Everton and most of last season we really picked it up in the second half. Lanzini was getting further forwards, and him and Ayew were getting tricky in the Tottenham box. Kouyate was breaking up play and Noble was nipping in behind to clear up the remainder. Also Byram seemed to be getting around Walker with ease and getting crosses in . So much so, Walker was subbed from the field of play.

Just after the hour mark Ayew played in Lanzini and the little fella bundled it home from just inside the 6 yard box. Scenes, scenes , scenes.

As soon as that went in Tottenham went inside themselves and made a couple of half hearted attacks and were done. With 3 or mins to go they were streaming out.

Waving our friends Adieu and lighting a beacon to aid their exit

A classic no. Was it great to remind Tottenham that once again they have won as many titles this year as us. Yes. We are for now 9th, which is a bit of a turnaround.

As the weeks go by the atmosphere is changing, and although it will never be Upton Park, it is becoming home and nights like this start to cement memories for people as we carry on this journey. Especially youngsters with their first season ticket.

One funny thing. I went to get some half time refreshments and someone had managed to obtain a programme seller stand, which turned into an impromptu bar.


MOTM. Aint Nobody, Like Lanzini. Makes me happy, plays the West Ham Way.