A weekend in the Highlands – Easter 2016

To most who know me, I am an Londoner / Southerner, with an definitive accent to match. To those that really know me, I have a big ole family in the North of Scotland and that is where we ventured to over the Easter weekend, to see places old and new, and visit family and friends. To truly appreciate this area could take about a million photos, but heres some from that fantastic weekend. Also, who thought not having a mobile signal for 4 days could be so great. Click on the photos for a better view. All taken with an iphone 6

Brora Oct 2012

Just a quick one purely for the photos. I went to the North of Scotland this weekend for a family wedding and a good time was had by all. The weather for this time of year was amazing, although a bit windy. when its like this there is no better scenery on this plantet. Heres a few snaps i got. Some from the DLR, some, the compact, but the best beach ones were from an iphone 3GS ! Never dismiss a camera just the opportunity. Click to see properly. Enjoy.


[Update 02/10/2012]  Since putting these up I’ve noticed a few views from photographers. Comments welcome from those who know what they are doing !