West Ham United vs Hull City EPL 26/03/2014

My new addition to the WHU collection !

Tonight saw WHU probably secure their premier league safety as Sunderland went down fighting at Liverpool, but once again there was nothing to shout about but there was enough for Sam to have a pop at the paying punter.

First up, there was a nice touch from the WHU fans below me jin the lower tier just before kick off as they unveiled a banner with NO TO HULL TIGERS on it with crossed hammers at each end. So far so good.

WHU started well, but after 9 mins Collins came off injured and was replaced by Roger Johnson. I assume Winston Reid’s season is still not back on track. Anyway they continued dominating the game and both Diame and Downing looked lively on the wings. Just before the half hour mark, Mark Noble drove into the box , passed the ball and Diame was right in front of goal, but McGregor came out and just took him out below the knee as Diame was lifting the ball over him. The game carried on for about 10 seconds and then stopped (I assumed that as both the keeper and Diame were down and hurt the ref had stopped the game). The keeper was in a bad way and didn’t get up for a few mins. Then I noticed the Hull players surrounding the ref and Mark Noble holding the ball. The second the keeper got up, he was helped off the pitch by a physio and a red card. I am also assuming some use of the radio to the lino was used (although in post match, apparently the ref said it was all his own decision). On comes Harper as a replacement and Nobes comfortably puts it passed him to put the Hammers into the lead.From here in it should of been a walk in the park, and apart from the odd foray forward West ham progressively got worse and worse, still trying long balls, rather than run Hull around with possession.

The second half was when things got really bad, with another freak goal to go with Rooney’s from Sunday. After 3 mins of the half, Hull had a free kick , and Huddlestone’s drilled kick was going wide until it hit Jelavic on the back and diverted past Adrian.

To add to the oddness of the night a few minutes later a rare cross from Demel, was mis-kicked in for an own goal by James Chester. Thanks for that, you have saved our season, and unfortunately Sam’s job.

From then on Hull looked like they were the team with the extra man. But they didn’t threaten at all, and the game petered out into a WHU win. Sam did his usual winger for winger sub around the 65th min, taking of Diame (who played well) for Joe Cole. Matt Taylor was rubbish all night, and was left on !! and that was that.

The final whistle was met with boos all round, and Sam cupping his ear to the supporters. He really doesn’t get it. A win that is perpetuated by constant cheap loss of possession, and an all round bad display, is now affecting the previously silent majority. Everyone has had enough, its that simple Sam. Move on and all will be well. The amount if people who have told me they are not renewing is growing, and the dreams of filling the Olympic Stadium are fading and dying with him in charge (to quote a well known song of the East End).

To be fair, the fans were also booing the MOTM announcement before any player’s names were even mentioned !

I’ve just seen his post match interview on Sky and he really doesn’t understand. He has now had a pop at the fans on national telly. The next home game should be fun.

MOTM ( no boos) for me was James Tomkins. After the Rooney incident at the weekend, he did well, to come back and deliver a great consistent performance, especially after losing his usual partner after less then 10 minutes.

The dodgy streets of the East End !
Upton Park under lights
Red Card and a physio guard of honour to lead him off.

West Ham United vs Hull City 28/04/2012 Championship

Normally the end of the season is warm, sunny and a bit of a laugh. Yesterday the weather suited the mood, wet, windy and downright miserable.

Hull bought a few and we had filled every seat.

We got of to a flyer with CC winning everything, and Vaz Te getting on the end of a few. Then news started to filter through, that southampton were winning, and that was that. The game was effectively over, whatever the score. But the hammers persevered, and Carlton Cole took a header from a corner well, to send the hammers in one nil up at the break.

5 minutes into the second half CC doubled his tally, with an excellently controlled and executed goal. Then we took off CC and Vaz Te and really sat back, which then inspired Hull to turn up, and after some false dawns, the Tigers clawed back a goal on 81 mins, and threatened to draw level, but the Hammers held out, for another win, although a bit of a hollow one to be fair.

So we move onto next Thursday and Cardiff in the play off semi first leg. Hopefully our proven quality outside of UP, will extend the away record, and make bank holiday monday a formality. Hopefully Blackpool will come to Wembley to meet us in the final.

Don’t forget i predicted us to go up through the playoffs at the beginning of the season. !

Off to the Players Awards ceremony tomorrow, so hoping for some good photos.

MOTM . Carlton Cole

Carlton double dispenses the Tigers
Carlton double dispenses the Tigers

WHUFC vs Bristol City 01-11-2011

Due to laziness, i;m post up my comments from elsewhere.


Still not blogged as I am fuming. Not because of the result, because we didn’t play to bad, just didn’t get the luck in front of goal. But as mentioned above, big and little Fred starting, just pissed me off massively. Collinson was not too clever on Saturday, but Sears, do me a lemon.

I think Baldock got subbed because he didnt look the same after he took a nasty bang on the head near the end of the first half. Noble did play well (there I’ve said it), but Nolan,  he was useless. Can’t handle 2 games in 4 days?,then leave mate, this is the Championship, not the Champions League. He had a sitter early in the second and hit it straight at James, who also made 2 good saves in the first half. Nolan spent most of the game out of position and blowing out of his arse.

Not the worst game ever as reported by Talk Sport the morning after.

In other news, by using the new DLR extension and the HS1 I got home to Kent, from UP in 40 mins. Quicker then driving and I get a beer.

UPDATE: Nice win against a Hull team who themselves were unbeaten in 9 Games. A goal each for Baldock and Collinson in the second half and another clean sheet for West Ham . Sears and Piq were non starters. Long may it reign.