Dubai March 2013

After the cold of Montreal, a quick 22 hr turnaround in the UK, got me to the UAE and namely Dubai. I used to work here a lot, and my wife used to live here, but this was our first “holiday” there. We stayed with some friends, and had a great time and i got some needed sun. Our main day out was a trip to the newly crowned “Worlds Tallest Building” the Burj Khalifa. This was the day to take the real camera and get some snaps. So, part 3 of the quick Mrben09 Travel series for spring 2013. Click any photo to enlarge.

The biggest building in the world
The biggest building in the world
The "Bellagio Lake" Dubai
The “Bellagio Lake” Dubai
The Divers
Sheik Zayed Road 1/2 a mile up
Dubai 2013, in 1965 !
That would be some dive.
Attack !
At home with the dogs.
I’ll just leave it here !
Anton is tired !
True Love !
Jump !
The not so lost city of Atlantis.
Remember when you used to be the most famous building in Dubai ?
Last time we were at the marina, there was one open building !

Brora Oct 2012

Just a quick one purely for the photos. I went to the North of Scotland this weekend for a family wedding and a good time was had by all. The weather for this time of year was amazing, although a bit windy. when its like this there is no better scenery on this plantet. Heres a few snaps i got. Some from the DLR, some, the compact, but the best beach ones were from an iphone 3GS ! Never dismiss a camera just the opportunity. Click to see properly. Enjoy.


[Update 02/10/2012]  Since putting these up I’ve noticed a few views from photographers. Comments welcome from those who know what they are doing !