West Ham United vs Southampton 31/03/2018

Once again it’s been a while, other things have been taking over. That said, those things are looking up for future so lets get cracking.

With the past. Burnley at home to be exact. Shambles, shambles shambles. A team playing at half effort, feeding off a crowd that sensed it was their time to make their point. And they did, but not with what you read in the papers.

Pitch invasions, are Scotland 77, Millwall 2017, not 4 separate blokes clutching sheets of A4. That is encroachment and no where near an invasion. At all. That said , seeing the fella with the flag brought all of the memories of the bond scheme protests flooding back, and I’ll admit annoyed me a bit. at the time. Now I know a bit more of the backstory fair play to Paul and I hope it all works out for him.

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Leicester City vs West Ham United 23/04/2012 Championship

After Southampton threw us a lifeline by losing the Middlesborough, we go to the Walkers (now King Power !) stadium, full of hope, on St Georges day. Being in front of the telly means i can blog as its happening, so apologies for any opinions that might not pan out, eg we are going up whatever, etc ! This game at the start of the season, was supposed to be a celebration of both teams being promoted, but with Leicester out of the playoffs by some distance, it was far more important for the Hammers.

Sam selected a attacking formation, leaving Taylor at left back, and pushing Vaz further up top with Cole. 2 up top ? Wonder where that came from 🙂 , so did the Foxes, with Nugent and Beckford up top (and Vassell, aged 100 on the bench).

The game kicked of to a half empty ground.

Within the first 5 minutes, Jack Collison find himself with two shots well saved by Kasper Schmeichel. Bearing in mins some of the struggles we have had with defenders this season, why didn’t we get Konchesky back.? He is far better than any full backs we have.

Nothing else to report for the first 15, except Carlton Cole seems to be on top, and has started lively. That said he was clear on 15.5 and was caught and excellently dispossessed by Wes Morgan, when he should of took on the shot. Captain Wellens appeared to take a freak knock from Nolan, and it looked like he was coming off, but he struggles on. On 21 Beckford got on the wrong end of a Demel 50/ 50 and startd hobbling as Wellens does get subbed. Dirty West Ham ??

That said he didn’t appear to be hobbling on 25 when he met Dyers cross and put it just past Green’s post. A couple of mins later Nolan was unlucky with a trick volley from distance, after a rare forage forwards from Demel, but the first half hour was honours even in everything including the score. Gary O’Neill took one for the team with a professional foul on Dyer to get the first yellow card of the game.

On 33 minutes, Marshall left Taylor for dead (on his arse actually !), and placed a lovely cross onto the head of Darren Beckford to open the scoring. One nil Leicester (Southampton ?).

West Ham respond well immediately but cannot get a shot off. Taylor should of crossed into a crowded box but was too relaxed by far. But on 38, he overlapped well, and did get the cross in for Winston Reid to connect and equalise. Game on. 1-1.

Vaz Te had a long ranger blocked on 40 by Wes Morgan. Tompkins had a trademark back post header just go wide, just before half time.

The second half begins with 45 minutes for West Ham to define their season. Noble takes an out of the box chance that nearly troubles the post, after a corner. Cole had been quiet since the early parts of the 1st half, and almost looks  disinterested. Demel and Taylor spent the first 5 mins of this half camped in the Foxes half.

On 56 Nolan snatches a great through ball from O’Neill , and puts it over the bar, when on target should of been the minimum. This is forgotten when Jack Collison bangs in a half volley from 25 yrds +, and Kasper is close but no cigar. 2-1 West Ham. They then pile on the pressure, but Jack’s next shot deflets off a defender for a corner.

The next 15-20 nothing happened as i had to pick up my wife from the station 🙂 Oh and Faubert came on for Demel. Then CC came off on 80 mins for Danny Collins. This is not a good move as far as I’m concerned. Too defensive, and we do like to let in a late goal. But Collins has pushed into left back and Taylor moved forward avoiding 5 at the back.

With 5 to go, Shaun St Leger nearly helped out with an own goal for the Hammers, and Collison was replaced by Landsbury. All action in the last couple as Green had to make a point blank save, and Nolan was greedy and should of passed to Landsbury for an easy 3rd.

Another win for the hammers on their record breaking season away from home.

We move onto the finale on Saturday with West Ham playing Hull, and Southampton playing a dead and buried Coventry. Southampton should go through, and fair play to them and Reading, but we can dream…………….


MOTM : James Tomkins.




WHUFC vs Southampton 15/02/2012 – Championship

Valentines day. A day for lovers and couples to enjoy each others company, safe in the knowledge that they have their entire lives ahead of them, in cojoined bliss.

Or a day to watch the top two gladiators in the championship, battle out for league title honours.

Thanks to Mrs mrben, i “chose” the latter, and expected a game worthy of the premiership, where both teams should be plying their trade next season. What i got was a premiership ref, who didn’t know his backside from his elbow and nearly ruined what should of been the star advert for the second tier of English football.

The now obligatory weather report was that although slightly warmer, things were still chilly in the upper Bobby. However out on the pitch things were heating up nicely, with Vaz Te nearly getting on the scoresheet after 1 minute.

Matt Taylor was brought in to replace the suspended Nolan, and looked quite effective on the wing. Taking aside the fact that Southampton seem to enjoy time wasting by holding the ball with the keeper only to short pass to a defender, we were easily on top.

After 22 mins or thereabouts, the stand in captain, Mark Noble, turned in the box and was tripped for a stonewall pen. In some minor kurfuffle post the penalty award, a Southampton player hit the deck in theatrical style, which ended up with Matt Taylor being red carded. Now, i didn’t see this fully (Mr Wenger !), and if he hit them then fair do’s, BUT, the linesman flagged the pen and overruled the ref, who was unsighted. The same linesman had this “assault” unfold in front of him, and did nothing, and the ref was still some distance (with several people in the way) away. The ref did not consider speaking the the lino, and the lino said nothing either. You either assist or don’t, you cant just dip in when you feel like it !

The ref then preceded to call every West Ham tackle a foul, and even blew for a foul throw (think of the last time you saw a ref blow for one of these in a TV game…………….exactly !). This culminated in the ref waving away, what i can only call an assault on CC, from the goalkeeper. He came out, got nowhere near the ball, jumped into CC, and laid him out (all 6.4 and 15 stone of him) flat. Not even a free kick, let alone a red card. Disgrace.

Green made a point blank save (after a mishandle) from Billy Sharp just before half time to keep it one nil Hammers going into the break.

The second half was all Southampton, as WHU defended deeper and deeper. Same as the wall game. The inevitable came with 15 to go, as Southampton scrambled an equalizer with an outstretched leg poking home the goal.

Nicky Maynard came on for a knackered CC, and nearly got the winner from an acute angle and looks a useful addition to the squad.

All in all, a good result bearing in mind the numbers game on the pitch. 2 players stood out again, Noble and Reid. Reid was extra solid, as his usual sparring partner Tompkins was playing in the midfield, and Noble ran himself into the ground again.

MOTM Winston Reid.