WHUFC vs Nottingham Forest – FACUP 4th Rnd

I awoke at an illegal for a sunday hour to watch Andy Murray get his nether regions issued to him in the Aussie Open final. That over with, i headed off to Upton Park assuming the same for WHU, a great promise of success cut down by an inability to perform at the required levels despite ability.

Looking at the team sheet scared me, not due to being a weakened team, but this could easy be a team next year in the Championship if we don’t pull our fingers out in the league. No, Parker, Cole, Upson, Tonka et al. In comes Kovak and Barrera, and Reid. It was good to see Jacobson back though. Green was made captain ahead of Noble which was weird, but i’m sure Uncle Avram had his reasons.

Forest came full of hope and the whole of the North Bank to cheer them on, so fair play to them. They are still a big club. God knows what we would be like if we had had their luck over the last 10 years.

Once again we come out of the blocks, and Obima scores after 6 mins by latching onto a wayward shot from Noble. Normally this season we would keep the lead until half time and then fall apart. Not this time, we gave up almost immediately, and after 18 mins Forest profited from our inadequacies. Yet again the defence was sieve like and just allowed them to bowl through. Also Adebola was fired up as his bullying was paying dividends.

Then just before half time we conceded again, as Greenie had to deflect out an Illunga clearance to an opposition player. Thinking this was just the beginning my mood was not getting better and then Big Vic had a cross / shot that went straight in, and its 2-2 at the break.

The second half was getting a bit uneventful until we got the correct decision of a penalty and after Vic and Noble had words, Vic took it and dispatched it with ease.

We then for a change dominated for the rest of the game and except a couple of small chances for Forest at the end we were comfortable.

According to the BBC the attendance was 29287. I would suggest 29289 as Kovak and Barerra were both spectators, and did absolutely nothing, and i mean nothing. Kovak got a move on towards the end, but  either of these two incompetent buffoons should never wear claret and blue again.

Talking of claret and blue, Burnley in the next round is a favourable draw at home.

I am looking forward to Crawley  – ManU more than our game to be honest.

One thing i did notice is that the best WHU podcast available; Stop Hammertime is now advertising in the ground. Which if you have heard the slaggings the team and board get, surprises me. Is it a case of money is money for WHU or have the SH team gone corporate ?

Stop Hammertime main page :http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7950250447


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