WHUFC vs Liverpool 26/02/2011 EPL

Fresh from our victory in the FA Cup we then meet the once mighty Liverpool FC at home six days later.

Our friends from the north come off the back of a tough midweek trip into Europe and as such were probably more tired than we were and therefore a perfect opportunity for WHU to get 3 more points and hope to stave off relegation.

I had predicted a draw, and it looked like going that way, until “Mr West Ham” Scott Parker popped up with a sublime outside of the boot finish to beat Reina. 1-0 WHU. I headed off to the bar for half time and post retrieving a watery beer from the bar, watched Demba Ba come into the box and exocet a header into the Liverpool net, after some great build up play. So 2-0 at half time and one forced sub for Liverpool, post Kelly pulling  up with a hamstring, and being replaced by a previous “Mr West Ham”, one Joe Cole.

The second half was a bit of a riot for WHU, barring the odd Liverpool incursion into our territory.  Then the old WHU curse struck and we left an easy ball in the box which then got squared to Johnson, who made it 2-1 with 6 minutes of normal times remaining.

Uncle Avram throws on Carlton for Ba, and presumably tells him “hit the corners, use your strength and run down the clock”. He does this precisely twice, and with the level of success he was getting, i think he changed tactics, and fancied his chances. Next time he gets the ball, he out muscles Carragher and gets into the box for a lovely low to the corner finish.

My prediction was for 11 points from 11 games. With this unexpected bonus, we now need 8 from 10, and Stoke at home on Saturday in an easily winnable game.

My jury is out on Ba. One of the Johns said he adds sparkle and unpredictability. I currently am of the opinion that he needs to be a bit more of a team player and he could elevate his game further. Carlton Cole is quietly turning into a cult hero and long may that continue.

Matthew Upson was allegedly out for the season and the played one of his finest 90 minutes in a WHU shirt. Special mention to Tonka, who was just magnificent and kept Suarez at bay all day long

Based on what i saw i would not blame Gerrard if he leaves,  King Kenny or not. Will Caroll add to Liverpool ? Not unless they change tactics completely. Jamie Carragher needs to retire and soon, but that is for another article i am currently planning, discussing the death of the English Centre Back.

Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome. Come on, be the first !


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