Ipad 2 – Did Steve Listen ?

Some time ago i published a wish list for the new ipad. The specs are now out there, post the lauch by a very ill looking Steve jobs last week, so lets take a look at what i wanted:

Less weight (far too heavy to hold for a significant amount of time) + some nicely placed ridges / finger pads, on the back for extra comfort when holding as a book, etc. Thanks 

Facetime and front facing camera. Portable VC on a decent screen !. Thanks for that.

USB, sdcard, anything slot. I know its a long shot but it is handy ! Knew i wouldn’t get it but worth a shout

External display out, for any app. See post one ! With the HDMI output i’m hoping for all apps.

Ideally, i would like MS office as well, but now i’m pushing the boat out. Talking to an analyst who is in the know, last week, i’m slightly optimistic

And cheaper. Either compete with netbooks or don’t. Currently i can buy 2+ netbooks per pad, and currently they are more useful. No change here

Other key features are the quicker processor (good)  and the introduction of Imovies and garageband (woo …..hmmm). 

Looks like i only missed out on 2 points, not bad at all. Actually it will be one point because i will look to pick one up in New York come end of April, and save a few bob by using dollar pricing.

I also had a hands on of a Blackberry Playbook last week, and i love the form factor. I am trying to get one on test for review, but theres not many pre-prduction models around just yet. Just the fact it hangs off a BES means that the unit should be more secure than a ipad.

Also i’m looking into some stuff Motorola are doing in the Android space to make it more enterprise secure. Will get back to you once i taken a decent look.



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