WHU vs Peterborough . 23/09/2011

I won’t be very descriptive about this game as after sitting their for 90 minutes i’m not sure if it actually happened. I cannot remember the last time i watched a game with so little happening. I’m sure both teams were trying, but i just didn’t notice it.

Our midfield, especially our scorer, Mr Noble, were useless in the extreme, the missed pass / tackle count must of gone through the roof on BSF’s statometers.

This needs to be sorted quickly, else Ipswich will tear us apart tomorrow.

Can someone tell me why CC gets slagged  off all the time when it is blatantly not his fault. This 4-5-1 doesn’t suit him, but  it does seem to suit Carew, who is only getting the last 10 to close games out.

One ray of sunshine was Abdoulaye Faye who seemed to be very tidy and assured at the back. This was the first time I’ve seen him play, and he looks adequate back up while Tompkins is out, and possibly should be in, in front of Reid.

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