Ainol Novo 7 Advanced Review

I have access to an iPad. It’s great at home but a lug around on the road, for quick reference stuff. I have an iPhone, it’s great on the road, but screen is a bit small if you are doing more than 5 mins work, or reading simple email. For editing docs, forget it

So, when an android tablet came my way for under £100, with a 7″ screen and the capability of running ICS, i took my chance.

Packaging was superb, in a nice triple layered box, containing the device, the charger, and various USB cables for updates, etc. also included is a lovely manual. Only one issue, it’s in Chinese!

Off to the web then, there is some great info on
The unit came with 2.3 gingerbread installed. The web suggested 4.0.3 is possible.
The downloads from gadgetfreakz were fine, it’s just the method is odd. You have to plug in to USB, while holding down the power button, and then you repeatedly bash the power button, until windows wakes up.
Once complete, you use the other gadgetfreakz download, to add on some finer settings and apps, such as Skype and a working marketplace.

Once running the device is quick to respond, and has a graphical quality way beyond its price. the screen itself is a a 5 point capacitive, meaning a smooth response , anywhere in the surface.
Now the bad points. I accept some may be the OS rather than the device, which is one reason why this OS cannot be currently considered for an enterprise rollout.
Exchange integration these days should be a given for any mobile device. Although, email seems to be fine, the calendar sync is rubbish, no more no less.
Also, when it hasn’t been on for a while it takes about 15 mins to sort itself out, with syncing etc.
This week the chrome for android browser beta was launched. It doesn’t work on this device.

Saying all that, the normal browser works fine, and so does twitter, etc.

In short, of you need something for quick browsing and maybe some pocket cloud style remote desktop, then this is your man for the price. Be aware, that the novo basic, has a MIPS based processor, which means a lot of the market place stuff wont work for the moment. Using the Novo advanced I am yet to find a full release app that doesn’t work.

Overall, it’s solid, but needs polishing to be a contender. But it has a niche place.
3.5 mrbens.




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