Diving pt 2. Or just falling over ?

So after my well received tirade against diving 10 days ago, it was bettered by something i watched last night. Just before i went to bed i flicked over the telly to the near end of the “Grand Final” of the A League. Basically the FA Cup final for our friends down under. This was contested between the Brisbane Roar and the Perth Glory.

With a couple of mins to go Berisha of the Roar got a great header to equalise, so i thought i would catch the end of this, expecting fireworks. What i got was beyond belief.

In a nut shell, at 4 mins into the time added on (of 4), this Berisha character, dances around the glory defence, and goes to pull the trigger. He misses the ball, and his body momentum means he falls over. No one is anywhere near him. He waves his arms around, and gets a PENALTY. In a cup final, in a packed stadium. So, he could just take his luck and be happy. No. He charges off like a man possessed, who has just won the World Cup.

He then cooly takes the penalty, and the Roar win the cup.

Ashley Young look out, this cheat is the real deal.

Click on the link below to see the action in all its glory (or not if you are from Perth).

Berisha getting away with it

Gotta love the commentator, “I’m not sure about that at all”

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