West Ham United Player of the Season Awards 2012

This party was a little premature with us having hopefully 3 games to go, but end of season it was. What could of been a bit if a downer, was actually great fun.

As usual with these types of events, the players were in attendance and put a brave face on bearing in mind they would probably be more concerned about Cardiff away on Thursday rather than Monday in central London. After some strange awards (save of the season ? best team performance ?, we got to the meat and veg. Best youth player was Richard Hall (well deserved). Players player was George McCartney. Then we got onto the auction. Crazy times, 10k for a half day with the chairman. 5 k for a trip to Italy to get the new shirt ?

Post our meal, it was time for the main event, player of the year. I had voted for James Tompkins, but he came second to local boy Mark Noble.

After some more crazy auction time, we had a rousing speech from Mr Gold, practically promising us premier league football next year.

Then the best bit for the fans, the meet and greet. Carlton Cole and Kevin Nolan  were great craic, and Mark Noble must be about the politest bloke i know (or dont know ) I’ll leave it at that, enjoy the photos. Apologies, i’m in them all !

James Tompkins
Kevin Nolan and Joey O’Brien
Mark Noble
Henry Lansbury
The big fella, Carlton Cole

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