Invictus Games

What better way to celebrate the end of a good summer, than to share the sunshine of the Olympic Park, Stratford with Prince Harry, James Blunt and the Foo Fighters. An unlikely group, I’m sure you will agree.

However, we actually came together to celebrate the end of the inaugural Invictus games. A sporting event set over 4 days, bringing together injured service men and women participating in events once thought improbable (100m double amputee race anyone ?). This was the brain child of Prince Harry post his visit to the US version, The Warrior Games last year. The reason we went was twofold, one to see the Foo Fighters and two as we had a friend who was competing as part of the UK squad.

So unlike a traditional festival set-up , there were also medal presentations and group presentations for every participant and team to intersperse the entertainment. This kept everyone on track for the main reasons of the event. Whether you believe in the recent conflicts (or any at all), or not, these people put their lives on the line on a regular basis and are forgotten about when they are injured and worse. As H said during his speech, just because they may be missing a limb or two, doesn’t take away their training, education and dedication, and they should be able to live as normal a live as possible, and events like this that publicise this fact into the nations conscience can only be a good thing. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and get down the the entertainment.

The line up was eclectic to say the least. I don’t think I can think of any other event where Ryan Adams, Ellie Gould and James Blunt have shared the stage with Dave Grohl and Terry Alderton. Yes Terry Alderton. This pratt, once of Eastenders fame, came out and embarrassed himself for 10 mins before being booed off.

So, music, or that pertaining to be music, anyway. James Blunt. Seems a nice fella, and has done his bit, but SOOOOO BORNG. Music for adverts, no more. Ellie Goulding. Dances like a Zumba instructor, dresses like one too.

Kaiser Chiefs were on form and due to time constraints pumped out just the hits and if that was the only set they ever did, you would swear they were one of the best bands ever.

Then the Foo Fighters. I have now seen them 5 or 6 times and they are always on top, top form. Tight as a drum, with tunes to match. Once again time meant they were restricted to hits, but they have plenty. Any set opening up with One by one, and then The Pretender, gets my vote.

All in all, a good day for a good cause. Enjoy the snaps (taken with the wrong camera because I didn’t check before I left the house !).

8 thoughts on “Invictus Games

  1. Thanks for the comment Anger. The Pistols were either, dead, in LA, or too old. Motorhead the same, except Lemmy who never ages, and will outlive us all. Must be the lifestyle !
    I actually saw the pistols in 77, when I was 9 years old. By accident admittedly. True story bro.

  2. SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!on the sex pistols,dude!!!! EAT THE RICH LOL!!!!! BUT who the fuck is graham whipp???

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