WHUFC vs Stoke City 11/04/2015 – EPL

Sunshine over the Theatre of Blandness
Sunshine over the Theatre of Blandness

Last Weekend, thieves performed an old school heist on a safety deposit box vault in the centre of London. It is thought to be one of the biggest robberies ever in the UK. It would have been beaten into clear second place if WHU had secured all 3 points today. 

The line up was good with Valencia and Sakho playing and Downing restored to the tip of the diamond, and Nolan on the bench. We actually played like we wanted to attack as well, so things were looking up. Very early on we took the lead from a fantastic free kick from Aaron Cresswell. Put it this way if Beckham, Ronaldo or Bale had scored it, it would have made the headlines on News at 10.

From then on, in a flashback to the tenancy of Harry Redknapp we retreated to our own half to hold on to our lead. For 83 minutes. We actually did the 83 without being breached. apart from the 2 times Stoke scored to be ruled offside in the second half, and got lucky when a header hit the post and rolled right across the face of the goal before being cleared.

But once again we forgot the game stops when the refs says and not us, and in the 5th minute of injury time at the end of the game Stoke equalised with about the last kick of the game. Like Spurs, Like Swansea, like god know how many other times this season. Stoke deserved their point, but all in all they were as bland as we were in what turned out to be another forgettable game at UP. In fact, highlight of the match was getting a tweet from @vookenmeister post our goal which proves that some Americans have taste enough to watch the beautiful game. 😉 I hope the game wasn’t the only one being broadcast in the States as I would of turned it off after 20 minutes.

This surely signals the end of the road for BFS. 1 win in 11 premier league games tells its own story. With all his apparent knowledge in Sport Science surely he can get it into their thick heads that goals late on are the same as goals early on. Also for a bloke who is very defence minded, maybe he could tell us why his defence and rearguard midfielders seem to think its OK for attackers to bowl through both lines without being picked up. On several occasions Stoke players got the ball in our box, with no one near them. Shocking. Sam has done all that has been asked of him, but it’s time to go, and hand over . To who is a different question. I would not be adverse to Glenn Hoddle if I’m honest.

Talking of shocking, Enner Valencia. Another poor game with no goals or shots. As much as i want to like him, he needs to go, despite being one of our most expensive signings ever. He is too lightweight, and seems to be one of those classic world cup buys. But he does cover some ground, unlike Carlton Cole, who looked nowhere near the game when he came on, but at least he got a couple of shots off.

Sakho played well, and created a couple of chances for himself. Ginge and Reidy looked strong at the back. Cresswell played well, and scored, but for me MOTM was Chek Kouyate. He was everywhere, and seems to be back in the mode of taking the ball forwards. Which is useful as Song and Noble were happy to go side to side all day. Song is still a shadow of his early season appearances, but the flashes are coming back. Whether its enough for a permanent contract I don’t know. And WHU have a predicament if they sign him and then sack Sam and the next manager doesn’t want him.

Jussi and Adrian pre match warm up.
Watching in the Shadow of something or other.
Watching in the Shadow of something or other.

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