WHUFC vs Burnley EPL 2014 -2015 02/05/2015

I have been back a few hours since the end of game wondering what to write, and to be fair I’m still struggling. Anyone with knowledge of these two teams current form could have written this at 10am this morning.

Before the start of the game, a mention was made offering condolences to Ex- Hammer Rio Ferdinand and his family following the tragic loss of his wife that morning. Nice touch and the chants of Rio, Rio, echoing around the Bobby Moore bought a bit of a lump to my throat.

Sam played Reece Burke again for his second full 90 in Premier League football, and he again claimed a clean sheet. He must think this is easy. That said, his inexperience showed and he seemed to do nothing but clear the ball for the whole game. Tacking must come after 5 games in Sam’s plans.

Nolan looked lively , which tells you how slow Burnley were at the back. Valencia again spent more time on his backside getting pushed around. But the midfield seemed to flow better without Alex Song, which was interesting. Our breakthrough came half way through the first half when a clever dummy in the box turned Duff inside out, who in return swung a leg out and brought down Kouyate. Up steps Noble and cooly slots away the pen for one nil. With Duff sent off (harsh in my opinion) WHU piled on the pressure for about 10 minute ands pulled some great saves out of Heaton. Then we drifted into half time. Then we all drifted through the second half. no more real pressure from WHU, and Burnley had little action as well. To be fair both keepers made some good saves, but trust me the exciting bits were few and far between. But WHU didn’t make the extra man pay at all, and Burnley huffed and puffed to no avail.

Today’s win guaranteed we will finish this season with more points than any other PL campaign under Sam. Maybe if the points were more spread out this season wouldn’t seem as much as a wash out.

So today, WHUFC competent, Burnley unlucky, MOTM Morgan Amalfitano. For a guy in and out of the team, he was class today, and just what our teams needs in an attacking midfielder.

You must be a right laugh down the pub love. #bants
You must be a right laugh down the pub love. #bants

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