Vegas October 2015

Things have been pretty busy, so this is late, and forms part one of a 3 part travelogue, covering Vegas, Barcelona, and Versailles. Here we go.
On Saturday we travelled via Seattle, and enjoyed 2 on time flights and actually got to Vegas 30 mins early, which was nice as we were meeting my Brother In Law, who had come down from Canada for the week, for his first trip.

Quick dash to the rental lot to pick up my Dodge Charger (nice win) and we checked in, at what is now becoming our second home. Excalibur.

The Ride and Driver

That evening and after all that travelling, we didn’t go far, and after managing to get 320 up playing Craps, a Heineken fuelled latter evening made sure I  gave it all back.
 Sunday morning, while feeling a little under the weather I managed to get a quick 140 playing Blackjack, and we retired to the Black Bear Diner for large Breakfasts all round. I say Breakfast, the NFL was already in flow, and I had $50 on the Raiders, that a guy at the next table was keeping me up to speed about this through his radio headphones. Who needs sportsbooks and big screens ! We then hit the outlet stores, and I had to jump between wireless hotspots to keep up with the score. Who thought the Bears and the Raiders could score way over 40 points when on the pitch at the same time ! Needless to say the Bears won, which was a little disappointing, as I knew I would be seeing @Lightning36 later on that week !
The evening was spent with a free buffet at the MGM and then back to the tables to book another $100 + win at the Craps tables.
Monday. It rained, and rained, and rained, and stayed at 90+F. Oh and rained. Now for UK weather it was just raining. For local Vegans it was of biblical proportions and unheard of. This led to some interesting driving techniques to say the least. We went to the Fashion Show mall for more retail therapy and then spent the rest of the day setting fire to $100 bills playing slots and tables, and slots and tables. That evening we went to Freemont Street. Now I haven’t been there for years, and I have to say they have cleaned the place up some. @mrsmackay wanted to go on the zipline, which for someone who is scared of heights might have been interesting or terrifying, so I managed to talk her out of it. Probably best for all of us ! After setting fire to more money I managed to pick up a $160 bonus on a slot in The D. Coming home was very interesting. First off we went to a taxi Q just off Freemont. As we opened the door to the first car in the Q a guy in a hi-viz vest tells us that we cannot use that cab as he is banned. So why was he in the Q ? Anyway as we go to the second car, the first car driver jumps out and starts screaming at the hi-viz guy and us. Why scream at me ? At that point things were getting a little heated so we left and went to a further Q which was I think an unofficial park up and see what happens type affair. After telling the homeless guy I wouldn’t tip him for getting me a car, we finally got a ride back. So the rain was still coming down, and the guy didn’t use his windows demister. There are now 4 people in the car and we are going down the I-15 with a misted window. when I asked him to put it on he wouldn’t, and then when I told him I would put it on he put in on under duress while trying to do 50 around the Trop East turning from the 15. For those that don’t know this junction, it is a huge ramp with a very tight turn down onto Tropicana. 50 can be fun in the dry, in a cab with hardly any visibility and poor tyres, a wet road and a pissed off driver with one hand on the wheel, its a liability. Never have I been more pleased to see the cab rank at Excalibur.
One for Anger
One more
Tourist Alert !

Tuesday we took a day out, to the Red Rock Canyon. Having seen it in Winter, and at nearly zero (c), it seemed appropriate and fair to go see it when its nearly 40(c). Amazing as always, but currently they have a few roadworks happening which means its not quite the wilderness it can be, when you turn a corner to be confronted with 2 scrapers and Caterpillar dump trucks !

This was followed by a trip to the Red Rock Casino. I swear we will stay here some time in the future, the staff are service is soooo good and the pool looks amazing. And I dropped a 100 playing craps, not so cool. In the PM I dropped the gang off at Boiling Crab for fishy things (not for me). I headed to the Orleans to mash some buttons for a while. Turns out I mashed enough to win a glass mixing bowl (!) in their points give-away
You only had to do one job , not a milloin !
That night was our cocktail night in Aria, which was a little messy, and ended up with 3 sore heads the next day.
Wednesday. Back to the Aria for comped breakfast. And then to the MGM for my first poker session of the week. I met up with @Lightning36 and we threw some cards around. This was a pretty normal affair until the “Wise Guy” turned up. Wearing a small hat and a large voice this guy was a bell, pure and simple. Had a comment for everyone, and everything. He would raise nearly every hand, and wouldn’t shut up “Play the player, not the cards !”. I (and I think Lightning) had the same idea, lock up and wait for the hand. And it came to me with A4 of diamonds. I have called a 7$ opener from Wise Guy, (also called by Skate Boy). Flop comes 2,3,5 for the straight. Thanks. Wise guy bets 30. I think, happy days, I’m having his stack. Maybe a call, and reraise what ever he pushes on the turn. Then bloody Skate Boy comes over the top with the all in. (I think about 160). Now I don’t mind your chips Sir, but I really want them from WG. Anyway I have to shove as well, and WG folds. Probably the most disappointing $350 pot I’ve ever won !
I did also get into a tangle similar to last time I was over, where I obviously give off this vibe of weakness. Which I’m not complaining about, but it’s definitely there.
I get dealt Aces, and am first to go. I put out $7. Asian guy goes to 35. I go to $70 (I know, instant telegraph !), and he calls ? Anyway flop is AK10. ~He puts out another 70, I push. He tanks for ever, and shows one K and folds. Surely I could not of played any more obvious unless I stuck the cards to my head !
After some more up and down (must stop chasing fIushes) I cash out $260 up and do not get into any hands with Lightning (this day). I believe he came this close to wiping out Mr Wise Guy, and i think that’s in his blog.
From here I meet the rest of the gang back at base, at that night was Magic Night. But not for me. My BIL is a big fan of magicians, so him and my wife headed off to see David Copperfield. Not my scene so I headed back to the MGM (+$16, woo). When they came to meet me, my wife was holding a balloon. Not any old balloon either. She had a balloon given to her by the man himself. Apparently its the first trick he ever learnt (popping one balloon inside another), and always hands out the result at the end of his show. Nice touch (the personal DM tweets the next day, not so cool, DC). Anyway, my wife made a young boys night by giving him the balloon and we headed off to Project Pie in the MGM for dinner. Its only a little place in the MGM “underground” but worth a visit.
Thursday morning I headed down to the car park, as I had a food parcel delivery to make over at LVA (British chocolate wins all day long), and was greeted in the car park next door by about 100 Toyota Supra, who I assume were having a club meet. A little different from the Red Rock earlier in the week, where some sort of Super Car meet up was happening (no offense Supra fans).
Lunch was Filipino fast food courtesy of Chow King and Jollibee on Maryland.
That evening I made a quick profit on craps, and then went down to Caesars for more poker. I met up with Lightning, P3, and their friend and soon to become mine TheGameKat. Now Keith, for that is his name has lived in the states for some time, and our paths had crossed on social media from time to time. However, on chatting it was pretty obvious he was English, but the main surprise on further chatting was that we had gone to the same University, and may or may not have overlapped. Small world. No massive hands to report of, and I don’t think I got too involved with the guys in hands, but we had locked up 4 seats around the end of the table and proceeded to put the poker world and other subjects to rights. Various subjects were covered, including hand size, but I’m too much of a gentleman to go into detail here. I dropped about 150 over the session. Most of it when having 3 of a kind on the flop, but hidden (I had 44). The villain had A5 and hit the 3 on the river of a 246 flop, but had triple barrelled the betting, effectively with air. I went with him as I had had a similar hand against him earlier (22, making 222 on the flop) earlier on and had got paid off.  As soon as the 3 dropped I knew I was beat but couldn’t let go. Anyway, good beer, great company, and all for £100 quid. Not bad value.
Friday was pretty quiet. I played the Luxor 10.30 and blagged my way to 4th for $118. I say blagged, I picked a few spots, here and there, but basically, let everyone go at it. Once we got to the final table, I hit aces and kings all in, to build a semi stack from nothing. Only point of interest was the room manager, who was called as floor, due to a 3 way all in payout. The pot was split and the dealer had done it correctly. There was some argument, and the guy comes over, and asks to reset the table, which the dealer does. Then he gets it all wrong, and when it was pointed out (by me), he asked to me to (and I quote) “let me do my job, I do this every day”. Well maybe you should do it better sir. It actually got sorted by the guy who was out (who should of had a small (eg 1 chip) part of the pot), getting a bubble boy payment (from the players), to go away. I don’t blame him at all, but the room manager should be open to sensible discussion, that’s all.
That evening I hit the Craps table for one last time. As usual, it was up and down. Until my roll. I rolled for about 50 minutes. I usually start with 10 on the line, full odds on the back, and 10 each on two numbers . Once I have this initial outlay back, I will take up the numbers one unit at a time each times they hit. I ended up with about 60 on one and 90 on the other.
There were some young guys next door to me, who were parlay boys, and pressing everything they won, doubling the pass line, and backing up their odds fully at every opportunity. At one point (I think my 3rd point), I moved from the 6 to the 8. I then rolled about 10 6’s (no really). I bemoaned my move, as by now I would have had about $70 on there. The guy next to me laughed and said “don’t worry, I’ve got you”. I thought no more about it. Each roll that hit a number won these lads about 230 minimum each by the time I finished. I had made about 750 from the roll. These guys were cashing up about 2k each. The one next to me, had about 225 extra in green that he didn’t cash up. He gave them to me, and said, “every time you hit a 6, I kept one for you”. Thanks buddy.
Time for bed.
We had an early afternoon flight, so our last day was pretty relaxed, and uneventful. But we did hit the subpop shop on the way home (while in Seattle airport) to buy some goodies and for me to buy a Vinyl copy of the infamous Reading 92 Nirvana gig, that I was at.
Another great trip over. Maybe next time, all my rolls will be an hour long.

5 thoughts on “Vegas October 2015

  1. Playing at Caesars with you, PPP and Kat was one great time! I remember you extracting some chips from me when you hit a set. I guess I was fortunate that I didn’t lose my stack! That was my first time playing in the remodeled Caesars poker room. Pretty decent place to play, although I still like my other favorites — Bally’s and MGM.

    I was happy to see that both of us ended up with good profits at MGM. Be careful, though. People might start to think that we actually know what we are doing sometimes!

  2. LOL. I liked the new room, and the manager, who after some cajoling jumped me along the Q, so I could get on your table. I should have mentioned i also made 40 with QQ, on the other table. I only played 3 hands….
    As for knowing what I’m doing, I think my “weakness” tell seems to be doing OK for me !

  3. Great report, Ben. And fantastic news about the hour long craps roll….sweet. Nice of of the guys to give you a tip like that, too.

    Regarding the bloggers game you had at Caesars, I’m so pissed I missed that. Damn. And this is at least the second time I’ve seen a vague reference to a risque subject being discussed at the table, and neither of you wimps (Lightning being the other) had the BALLS to tell the story. Pussies.

    As for “hand size”….I like them really, really big. You know, like straight flushes. Quads would be a close second.

    1. Nothing too risqué was discussed, in fact at one point I was discussing with Kat the current political climate in the UK, and it’s comparison to the late 70’s. But hand size cropped up once or twice. I think most like straight flush over a quad, however I will also take 3 little ones over top pair top Kicker.

  4. Ummm … maybe it’s time to divulge that when hand size was discussed, someone remarked that Rob had tiny hands, leading us to speculate on the potential diminutiveness of some of his other physical attributes. Did I say that all politely enough?

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