IPad’s, Touch’s and “closed ecosystems”

So, this finds me finally putting words to “paper” and unleashing some of my useful and not so useful points of view onto the blogosphere.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m not Apples biggest fan, but times are a changing and I’m slowly coming round…………………

But if you are developing for this system, and everyone’s supposed to be equal, can you ensure that if you write an app for OS version x of Ipad, ensure that it does the same thing on version x for phones and touches as well, excepting obvious things like 3G, etc. This is just plain lazy and annoying.

I will not be naming names just yet, i’ve given (the paid for app) dev time to answer !


Also, why do i have to jailbreak to get display out from any app, on an IPad. Ludicrous !

IPad to external display

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