New Ipad

Ok, so i have an Itouch that my lovely wife bought me for xmas, but a little bit of me wanted an Ipad. I have now been using one for about a week, and i’m honestly glad i don’t have one.

So, Mr Jobs if you are listening, in the next version i demand:

Less weight (far too heavy to hold for a significant amount of time) + some nicely placed ridges / finger pads, on the back for extra comfort when holding as a book, etc.

Facetime and front facing camera. Portable VC on a decent screen !. Thanks for that.

USB, sdcard, anything slot. I know its a long shot but it is handy !

External display out, for any app. See post one !

Ideally, i would like MS office as well, but now i’m pushing the boat out.

And cheaper. Either compete with netbooks or don’t. Currently i can buy 2+ netbooks per pad, and currently they are more useful.

And while we are at it, can we have 3g onto the touch as well. I don’t need the phone, but always on internet would be useful.

Cheers Steve



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