WHUFC vs Man City

So yesterday  iwent to the Boleyn for the first time in over a month with the two Johns, and expected a good game. Although City were forth in the league i really didn’t rate them, and as the main man Carlos wasn’t playing i expected a draw at least.

I also expected to see West Ham team with some determination, and fight, as this could pull us away from the bottom of the table.

I got neither. Parker, Green and Tomkins were the only ones who made any sort of effort. It was one of the most gutless performances i have ever seen. If this continues, i can see my Season Ticket not being renewed for the first time in over 20 yrs.

In short not good enough. In Jan we need two centre backs and nother forward. We should also cash in on Cole and Faubet while we can still get some cash for them.

At least Mr abuse wasn’t in front of us today, so every cloud and that.

To be fair to City, De (a ?) Silva was very special and not only looks like Messi from a distance, he plays like him as well. So well done City, just don’t do it again

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