Poker and Slots

I have been playing poker on and off for about 4 years now, and consider myself an avaerage player. I have also been a member of FullTilt’s iron man scheme for 10 months. This is bloody hard work for me (mainly play at least 1 hr a day for 15 or more days a month on rush poker 1/2), so i might retire from the IM after i get my end of year bonus.

Its difficult to treat a hobby like job (that pays less – but at least it pays).

In other news my wife and i have been treating ourselves to some slot play (foolish i know) that has reaped some fierce divdends over on One session over the weekend paid for both my new digital SLR and a new passport for the wife. Cheers paddy !

With my now soon to be trusty Nikon Digital SLR in my posession i’m sure i will be posting some xmas type snaps in the near future. I got into photography about 25 years ago, but need to re learn all my DOF’s and f stops again if am to get the best from this camera. But i still have an unused tripod from that era, so fittings allowing i have already saved a few bob.

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