WHUFC Catch Up

ed to post after every match that i’ve seen (either telly or live), and thats worked out well hasn’t it. Eg one report and nothing. So i’ll catch up here and then move on. Maybe i’ll update monthly or only on important matters.

So BOxing day and away to Fulham, a ground we traditionally do well at, until 10 mins or so in, and we are 1 – 0 down. Typical rubbish defending. But not to be outdone we get to see Fulham do this twice, the first to Carlton from a missed clearence, and the second leaving Freddie completly unmarked at the back of the six yard box. A second from Carlton and its three points, thanks for coming.

Everton on the 28th, was a boring one one draw with pretty much no redeaming features.

The new year brings us Wolves at home on the first, and its always funny watching 30000+ hangovers in one place. Luckily enough, none were on the pitch in the claret and blue, as West Ham coasted to a 2-0 win, and (bloody hell) 15th place.

So far so good, but so far to Newcastle and a 5-0 thrashing with some defending from a Sunday morning U-8’s team. Back to the bottom, rock bottom.

An unmemorable disposal of Barnsley in FA3, and its upto date . Tonight sees the “biggest game at upton park for 20 years”, the LC SF 1st leg against Birmingham. I will be in attendance, and will report while its fresh. I promise.

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