WHUFC vs Birmingham City, 1st Leg LCSF

Keep right onto the end of the road, the BCFC anthem goes and thats what WHUFC managed to do last night, in an interesting match last night at the Boleyn. After a reasonable start and a Mark Noble goal from a near impossible angle, West Ham fell to pieces for the next 5 minutes and did their best to get BCFC back on level terms.

But they did hold out for half time and to be fair were good for the score.

THEN the second half. What the hell does Uncle Avram tell these guys are half time. There was no way in the world were we going to be good enough to soak up that pressure for any length of time. We were struggling to string 3 passes together for the first 10 minutes of the second half. Then up pops Liam Ridgewell (another WHUFC academy product) and we are at 1-1.

We still donk about the pitch, giving the ball away, and struggle to get any momentum, then , for no discernable reason Mr V Obima decides to display his MMA skills and we are down the 10 men, and looking like we are going to be on the wrong end of a hiding.

So AV leaves it 5 minutes too long and then makes 2 good subs, Carlton on for Freddie, and Zavrom Hines, for……………..Freddie (you know what i mean !).

So now i’m assuming CC holds it up and time wastes, and ZH keeps charging around to close up space which Big Vic should be covering. Final score 1-1 and we get away with it.

But no , that powerhouse of English Football Johnnie Spector makes a great run matched by a superlative cross, which is met head on by Carlton Cole, who…………………………………………………..

Scuffs it towards to Ben Foster, who for reasons best known to himself allows it through his legs and its 2-1 West Ham.

Even I felt for him as it was shown on the massive screen in his eyeline about 4 times !

Both teams were then knackered, WHU with charging about and Brum psychologically i think and the game petered out.

So will 2-1 be enough for the hammers in the return leg. Depends who turns up. 1st half hammrs, yes, second half no. Roll on the 15th Jan.

Other points of note, prior to the game there was Police vans flyong about everywhere, and during the second half, some charming looking chaps in riot helmets were placed in front of the away enclosure. Coincidence -no. Good luck anyone from west ham going up for away fixture, and wear a tin hat !

A good point was made on the radio as i drove home. The famous cliche about West Ham under lights, will disappear with moving the Olympic stadium. Interesting point i thought, as i have some fantastic memories over the years, and the thought that this may be coming to an end, is the first time i have questioned the move.

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