WHUFC vs Arsenal

This is never a pretty fixture for West Ham and we went into this one not exactly setting the world on fire. But we had won our SF in the LC and they had lost theirs. Could lightning strike twice?

Rumours all morning that this was Avram’s last game irrespective of the result. No Scott Parker and Kovac in the team doesn;t make it a good start to the day. Also one of the John’s had lost his ticket the night before (long night apparently !). The day was not getting better.

So to the match. Long story short we did not turn up, and Wayne Bridge could be our most expensive mistake yet (which in itself is quite impressive). I hope further matches will improve performances.

If Avram is to go, then it has to happen before Everton away. If not come out and let us know. Because its starting to look a bit like a death from a thousand paper cuts, and its is also a little bit painful for everyone i think.

Will Martin O’Neill come, probably not if our spending is anything to go by. But its a funny old game and all that !!



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