The Olympic Stadium – who cares ?

I probably do !

Looks like its down to either Spurs or West Ham. But they have 2 conflicting ideas. One wants to knock it down and one wants to put a football pitch in the middle of a running track with views of up to 47m from front row seat to goal (!).

Lets look at the Spuds first. Do they really think that the “Olympic Legacy” TM is to remove all trace of it. No, neither do I. They have no intention of moving, its all about getting bigger concessions from Haringey council. Daniel Levy has bought half of the totts manor the last few years all in name of expansion.

Also, the idea of not being able to take the name will really wind up the fans, and might make moving an impossibilty. Come to Stratford Hotspurs has a funny ring to it.

So over to the Hammers. In a nutshell, move straight in and start pushing for the CL. There has to be a plan to cover off the track. I’ve been to the Olympic stadium in Rome, and its a real pain. Temporary seats for a couple of years and then push to sort the ground properly is the only solution. Lets hope the Dave’s have a plan that doesn’t involve me shelling out for a seat in a different postcode to the pitch.

Neither deal seems ideal to be honest, but lets face it we will get one over the Spuds as usual. Its whether we need or want to is the question.

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