Visit to Brussels

Myself and my wife headed off to Brussels for the weekend. The city that i thougt would be boring as hell, was actually a great trip and well worth it.

A quick 50 mins to the ferry and then boarded a SeaFrance ship heading Calais bound. Tip for anyone using non tunnel channel crossings. Use SeaFrance over P+O all day, far better ships and plenty of space for everyone. P+O have their new ships running soon, and they might be comparable, but not for now.

After the crossing we hit Adinkirke for the usual cheap nicotine fix and then plodded onto Brussels. Motorways in Europe just seem far easier and more relaxing to drive then in the UK. Maybe its fewer people or maybe better lane discipline but it just works well.

First stop was the Atomium, a great excuse for the first outing of the digital SLR. This place still inspires me nearly 30 years after i first saw it in the flesh. However, they could do with making more of the inside. There was a small exhibition regarding the 58 expo, and some disjointed exhibition regarding the cosmos. We then left for the hotel

After check-in at the Hilton city hotel (also recommended, especially for  location), we went out exploring (drinking). we got a nice meal (with terrible service thrown in for free), near the Grand Place and then headed off for more exploring (drinking).

After a few Leffe’s and Chimay’s, we retired for the evening. One thing to take away was everyone was friendly and out for a good time (and O’Reilly’s has free wireless, ideal for some virtual sightseeing !).

Sunday we had a lazy breakfast and went down to Citie Europe near Calais to pass the time before our ferry back .BIG MISTAKE, this place only has restaurants and the cinema open on Sundays. We shot off to the outlet place next door, and wasted some time there instead.

So in short: SeaFrance 8/10, Hilton City Brussels 7/10, Motorways 8.5/10 and beer 10/10.

I will add some piccies taken with the DSLR

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