WHU vs Cardiff City 07/08/2011

The first day of a new season was rather surprisingly, full of optimism for the West Ham faithful, as we took our first steps back towards the top flight. Also the weather was spot on which was nice. We got to the ground rather late so headed straight to our seats, and what i saw surprised me. Cardiff had about 800 – 1000 in the North Bank, with about 4k empty seats. If this is the new way as Upton Park ,then excuse me while we piss money down the river. The top tier must of had 30 people tops in it.

Anyway the game. Gary O’Brien and Matt Taylor made their debuts alongside new captain Kevin Nolan. The line up actually looked really promising, except one thing. It’s a new season, and we need points, what we don’t need is one up front at home. I assume this was to accommodate the variety of midfielders at our disposal. We got going with our usual gusto and refused to actually shoot until after about 10 minutes. After 23 mins Scott Parker was clean through,  and showed his worst trait, the inability to shoot, when he has time on the ball. This is the difference between him and Lampard and Gerrard, and probably why he has never played at the very top level.

Cardiff offer nothing at all, but i do get a text telling me i am related to Don Cowie their number 8, something i have since followed up and now believe to be true !

Half time and we get the next Upton Park surprise. Beer now comes in plastic bottles for £3.80. Cheers.

We start the second half as we finished the first, but Cardiff seem to be getting into their stride. Tonka has one cleared of the line, and big Fred hits to post. Talking of Fred’s, young Mr Sears got about 20 minutes too long on the pitch. I will say this again, he really doesn’t have it and now he has also stopped taking responsibility for his game as well, e.g leaving balls for others, not getting back quick enough. If CC and big Fred had started together, we would of pissed that game.

One other person who was making a debut (of sorts) was Hertha Illunga. He actually seemed to link up will with Taylor (who was great all game), and look like the player of old. Until it rained. With a minute to go. And he fell over. And Kenny Miller scored on his debut. And we lost. Again.

SO, BFS gets a game rest due to rampaging 12 year olds on the street, and its Doncaster away next. 3 points ? I bloody hope so.


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