WHU vs Leeds Utd. 21/08/2011

A fantastic win for the Hammers earlier on in the week against Watford, tied in with Leeds beating local rivals Hull 4-1 on the same night, meant that this Sunday lunchtime game could of been a blinder.

Leeds filled their allocation, of 2/3 of the lower centinary, and were in fine voice before the start. However, they were silenced early on when CC got on the end of one of the many corners we appeared to be having. Once again, for the rest of the half, we seemed to have most of the possession and no end product. Also, and more worryingly for Big Sam, is our inability to defend corners. We seem to have the hangover panic from last season. But, when we we have the corners Tonka seems to be winning everything, and came close with a couple.

The best Leeds player, Max Gradel, had a bit of a shocker missing a penalty that could of took Leeds to a draw at half time. Maybe he needs to move to a bigger club to fulfill his potential. 🙂

So half time came and went, and we started out in similar form, but then Leeds started getting the upper hand. It was only a matter of time, and it came in the 59th minute with a good finish from Ross McCormack. As luck would have it though, Kisnorbo screamed a corker of an own goal, to put the Hammers back in front.

Then Reid and Parker came close to finishing the game off, but with no joy. Right  at the death, Leeds secured a draw with Clayton getting on the end of a rebound in the 91st. Joy. Not.

The result was fair in the end. We really need to learn to finish games off.

In other news. BFS seems to not know his best midfield as he moved them around alot in the second half, when it needed to be the defence that needed sorting. Talking of which, Winston Reid. I said this last season and i still stand by it, he is just not good enough. He’s lucky Tonka is having a stormer so far this season. In fact, Tonka should of had the MOTM instead of Parker.  Parker needs to make his mind up, because i think him being in the team, might be affecting the other members in the midfield. Both Noble and Nolan, looked a little out of shape today.

Now, the ref. Mr Oliver, you were dire today, truly dire. How you made some of those decisions is beyond me. I saw at least one penalty for each team today, which you didn’t and twice you awarded throw ins to the wrong team, despite the whole crowd seeing the ball go out off the other player. Back to the conference. Thanks.

I expect a weaken team against Aldershot this week, as we need to keep the away points coming against Forest, and then the next home game against Portmouth. The only downside to losing in the Carling Cup is the grief i’ll get from my best mate, Ian the Aldershot fan !

So I’ll leave with this, if Parker goes, then we need to recruit another centre back, as BFS obviously doesn’t rate Faye, which is strange. But no more midfielders please, we have 70 already !

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