Pending to Manchester.

5.33 this morning finds me boarding the Fastrack to Kings Cross. More strange was the fact that of the 4 people who got on i knew one of them. So i have i chat and get to Kings Cross in no time.

6.36 finds me somewhere i haven’t been for over 20 years, on a train bound for Manchester. In my day these were called Intercitys and were run (!) by Britsh Rail. Nowadays, Virgin owns the train and its called a Pendelino.

Surprisingly enough, work haven’t put me in first class, so carriage C awaits, and here i am now typing away on my laptop, fully connected to the internet. Now this may not be news to many, but to someone who has worked in IT since pre commercial internet (just about :)), it still surprises me from time to time, how lucky we are to be able to live this always connected life.

Anyway back to Virgin. Fair play to R Branson (or whoever he has sold this venture to) The train is well kept, comfortable, and actually relaxing. Apprarently food is ok as well, which to anyone who remembers the BR sarnie being the butt of many TV comedians in the 70’s/80’s, should resonate as a surprise.

Just leaving Winslow bound for Manchester Piccadilly. Will probably post later on the way back. Will i use rail for all long journeys now ? Probably not, but i won’t wait 20 years either.

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