WHUFC vs Doncaster Rovers 10/03/2012 Championship.

After the disappointment of our midweek draw against Watford. This was a welcome game to have, against a Donny team that have been near the bottom all season.

We started with Collinson and Vaz back in. Vaz had a perfectly good goal overruled after 20 seconds for an alleged foul on the defender. Not sure if you know Vaz, but he’s not the bullying kind ! Then CC hit the bar, and finally after waiting all of nine minutes we went one nil up, after Tompkins headed a great ball back across goal for Nolan.

i really thought this would be a rout for WHU. But as usual at home , we sat back and the game drifted into nothingness until the second half. It really was that bad.

Donny started to get on top mid way through the second half and WHU’s defending was spacious to say the least and Donny got their reward with an equaliser after 73 mins.

2 home daws in a week at this stage of the season is suicide , and Reading are now on equal points, but our goal difference keeps them out of the automatic promotion places.

We have to put teams like this away, and comfortably. And this is where we fail. We cannot put teams to the sword. I have to blame the manager. He has bough a raft of strikers this term with no real impact from any of them. CC is the only one playing well, but with no support is becoming a scapegoat. Sam needs to sort this as a matter of extreme urgency. Sam also needs to look at the tactics, that say as soon as we go behind or the opposition draw, we should go ultra long ball. This has only crept in for the last 2 games, but needs to dissapear ASAP.

I said playoffs, at the start of the season, and I hope I’m wrong, but it’s out go my hands and up to Sam to install some fight into his front line! And deliver some creativity into the mid field. I think with the personnel we have this is quite easy, but they need to play closer, and Nolan needs to stop wandering.

One other thing that is bothering me is the following. When I watch Premiership football, it seems way above what I see at Upton Park. If we do go up this season, i fear for the next one !

MOTM Carlton Cole. Did a lot of work for not a lot of return from his teammates.

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