WHUFC vs Middlesbrough 20/03/2012 Championship

Is this the night Sam lost the Boleyn ?

This game was rubbish, for both teams from start to finish, and the draw was fair. Also fair play to the Boro lads coming down that far on a Tuesday, and having to suffer a game of such low quality. Also, apologies to any one who tuned into Sky, as a neutral, to catch this “top of the table” clash

Now onto the meat and veg. We were poor, and played the old one up front game again. How many times do I have to say this Sam, Carlton Cole cannot play every ball up in the air. The guy is good on the ground and can bring others into play, but you continue to choose to use him as a traditional target man. David Cross left some time ago.

Noble and Nolan were inefficient, and Noble looked like he had been on a treadmill all day, he was that slow. Tompkins has to come out of the midfield, you are destroying a lad who could be a United legend, and if we don’t go up, will definitely leave at the end of the season.

Greenie was getting v.frustrated with the teams lethargy, and this has to stop. If you have a plan, stick to it, else change the plan.

Maynard was completely wasted on the wing. This is not his fault. Yet another who must be wondering why he is there.

Then we come to the tactics. Once we went one nil up (to a lucky goal, but we had had all the pressure to be fair), why did CC and Maynard have to leave the pitch immediately ? Did you not think they may go on to score another, as Boro would have to open up. Collison has been poor all season. This was the time to introduce Morrison, to inject some pace and vision into proceedings.

Once they equalised (great goal by the way), you almost admitted this by bringing on Baldock.

Sam , you are losing the home crowd. We don’t expect to be winning leagues all over the place, and knocking out Barca in the CL, but we do expect common sense.

You have done well thus far, but you have to play to our strengths, as well as the weaknesses of the opposition. I’m sure you heard the Paulo Di Canio calls , the same as I did. If backed by the board i think you can do a job for us in the Premiership, but currently the main objective is the Championship. A win on Saturday is a must.

Stand firm, keep the faith !

MOTM: N/A (it really was that bad)

2 thoughts on “WHUFC vs Middlesbrough 20/03/2012 Championship

  1. Big Sam got big time lucky last night with Reading going down 3-1 at the Posh. If you don’t get promotion the board and Sam are going to be crucified. He’s not a man know for his tactics and you need that tactical nouse in a league like the Championship. West Ham should be in the Prem and I fear for what would happen to them if they don’t bounce straight back this season.

  2. Thanks for being my first real commentor !

    Agree agree agree. If we do end up in the playoffs, i feel we do have the players for a 3 game sprint, and we can handle wembley better than our peers in that division.
    Sam will get crucifed, but the board for once will remain intact, as they have funded some purchases at the level you would expect for a Championship team.
    If we dont bounce back, we will just have to improve and go for it again as we did under Mr Pardew. I fear it would be without Sam though, as the fans are starting to already make up their mind as to his replacement, and the board i feel, would not be far behind.
    My main struggle is i’m basically digging out a bloke who is on one of the longest unbeaten runs of my WHU supportng career, and that does feel bad ! But sometimes its so obviously negative, and in the main frustrating. Roll on Saturday.

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