Camptune by Paragon Software

Last week i got a second hand Macbook Pro. This is something i have meaning to get for some time, but prices up to now meant that it alluded me completely.

This unit came with bootcamp preinstalled, but the windows partition was only 20Gb, so not big enough for  any serious use.

For a native Mac partition, changing the size is very easy using the disk utility tool within OSX. For the bootcamp drive this is trickier as it wouldn’t allow me to extend my bootcamp partition into the unallocated space i had created. From within Windows, the disk management tool wouldn’t allow me to either, I assume because bootcamp is doing something clever on the Mac partition to allow a NTFS partition, that Windows cannot see natively.

After some digging i bought Camptune from Paragon Software. $20

This does exactly what is says on the tin. It is a very small (3Mb) app that displays all your disk with a slider that you can set to either expand or shrink the Windows or Mac partition. It really is that easy. So, set your sizes, wait about 10 mins for it to so its work and you are good to go. This is all done within OSX, without going near Windows. The only caveat is that it will not work on encrypted partitions, for obvious reasons.

Slide away.

In short a fantastic app for anyone who needs to multiboot Windows and OSX on a Mac.

5/5 mrbens !

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