Barnsley vs WHUFC 06/04/2011Championship

I watched this round a friends house, so i cannot really comment on tactics, and ebb and flow, as i was half on this on half elsewhere. BUT.

0-4 to West Ham and an all time away wins in a season record. Nice work chaps.

The front 3 seemed to actually be a front three with Nolan, Maynard, and Vaz Te, involved and all scoring. nice chip from Noble for his one as well.

Barnsley were poor thought, almost completely bereft of ideas.

The real issue is that we are now third, and if Southampton win, 6 points of auto promotion with 5 games to go. If we need to overtake Southampton, they need to lose three games (goal difference), and Reading 2. At this stage of the season, that is a tall ask. So it looks like we could have 90 points and be in the playoffs. Obviously Sam’s plan of averaging 2 points a game to guarantee promotion was spot on. Shame he never set the team up with a chance of doing that until its too late.

Brum on Monday. MASSIVE.

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