WHUFC vs Birmingham City 09/04/2012

After the hiding we took at our last home game against Reading, WHU today set sail to beat two objectives. First off the home record and secondly 3 points to apply pressure on Reading and Southampton for automatic promotion into the Premiership.

Neither was achieved honestly. WHU dominated the first half and found themselves 2 nil down by the half hour mark, due to two bad errors by the team when trying to push out. A goal back by Vaz Te, should of got WHU back in contention for half time, but a further goal by Burke about a minute afterwards left WHU struggling 3-1 down at half time.

This was now shit or bust time, and as much as we pushed nothing happened apart from the atmosphere got better and better. once again a crowd that has been treated to some dire football this season got behind a team that frankly dont deserve it.

Carlton Cole has been a much maligned figure the past month or two, but showed his class on 70 minutes, by actually being allowed to use his feet and dropping off the play to smash home a second for the Hammers. Then it was really game on, with more and more pressure. With a minute to go , Chris Burke handled and Vaz Te equalised from the spot, which Birmingham probably thought was a disaster but on reflection was about the right result.

One player who has been praised greatly this season is Rob Green for giving international performances every game. This was his worst by a mile. He didn’t move at all for the first goal. If he wants to play for his country, he has to be at the top of his game every week, without fail.

It was nice to see two up top, but Gary O’Neill was played out of position and it showed. Why Morrison or Landsbury cannot play 90 minutes is down to Sam I suppose.

So, we can take the point bearing in mind where we were at half time, but Reading need to drop points against Brighton tomorrow. In reality, we still have the play offs to look forward to, but lets hope we dont meet Brum again along the way. We played them 4 times last year, and could do without 4 times this year !

As a side note, I think it was the first time this year both myself and the two Johns made the pub prior to the game. Sounds like Aus John had the better trip home taking the self named “Stella Express” home across the Essex countryside.

MOTM: Vaz Te.

Vaz gets the equaliser for the Hammers.

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