Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders NFL 28/09/2014

Time for a new sport, not unhappy with the old one (s) , just fancied seeing something different. We managed to pick up tickets for the NFL International Series at Wembley. This was useful, as I’d wanted to try an NFL game, but didn’t want to waste a days holiday if it was rubbish.

A couple of train tickets and less than an hour later we are in Wembley, and we are at the home of Real Football ™ to watch a different kind of football.

The place was rammed, unlike a football game, there were people there from 11am for a 6pm kick off (punt off?). Anyway, it was busy as you like and full of fanzones and food trucks, and people and cheerleaders, and people (did I mention the amount of people ?). And lots of fancy dress.

Now I struggle to watch a sport of if don’t have someone to cheer for, but I don’t have a team, so i needed one quick. I had decided during the week, that if the Raiders were good enough for Public Enemy and NWA back in the day, then its good enough for me. So, a quick trip to the merch area to kit out and we are good to go.

The main fanpark shut early, so we wandered into the stadium, to see whats going on. First thing was, because it wasn’t a real football game, you could get a beer without too much hassle, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. Odd I know, but hey sports fans, thats how it happens over “there”. This was an hour before kick off and the teams come out to warm up to boos and cheers, and the Cheerleaders were in full flow. And you can take beer to your seat. WIN

Then I noticed some trucks being wheeled on while the warm up is on. ??? Turns out it is a stage, so that Def Leppard (yep?) can knock out 4 hits in what is known as pre-game “entertainment”. As has been mentioned elsewhere, Motorhead would of been better, but it passed the time.

Then we get national anthems? WTF? For an international yes, not for what is a league game in all but location. Anyway, we finish spangling banners and saving queens, and then the main event begins. And do you know what? I enjoyed it, especially as the Raiders scored from the get go. RAAAAAAIIIIIIIDERRRRRSSSSSS.

At this stage, I have a new team, they are good, they are not West Ham, they are not the Knicks, they are not England (or Scotland), they are not even Ebbsfleet, they are winners. Needless to say, they then went backwards at a rate that stunned I think even seasoned watchers of the game. They were 24 – 7 down at half time, and 38 – 7 down at the end of the 3rd.

I don’t think they made 20 yrds in any of their possessions. McFadden tries to carry the team on his own, and struggles. Carr, the young Raiders QB, was woeful with his passing, and his replacement McGloin wasn’t up to much either after fumbling a snap, and giving the ball away for the 4th Miami Touchdown.

The 2 minute warning goes and its time to leave, safe in the knowledge I have picked yet again another team with great support, and some good years ahead, interspersed with some shockers.

The Wembley tubes home were as disorganised as usual, just to remind us that we were in London NW, not Oakland CA.

Would I go again, yes, but only to see the Raiders, I really cannot handle non partisan sport.

Enjoy the photos:


11 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins @ Oakland Raiders NFL 28/09/2014

  1. SWEEEEEEET!!! sounds like a lot of difference on pregame activities too. it is funny my 1st Raider was against the Dolphins BUT in Miami in 1992 and they lost. BOOOO. but i saw Eddie Anderson(old Raider cornerback) pick off( intercept) the miami QB (Dan Marino A Dolphin legand) and run it back 100+ yards 4 a TD(at the time a NFL record or tied 1). Plus, i met the actor that played the indian character in the movie 48 Hours( Eddie murphy film) at the game. the first Raider game ,i saw in Oakland was the AFC title game when they played the Titans. it was AWESOME!!!!!! Metallica played a free concert in the parking lot from a open trailer.(they from bay area). at that game lot of old Raider players like George Atkinson(part of the soul patrol, that was nickname of Raiders DBs and Safeties back in the 70s. all black panther and sheeeeeeeeit),Howie Long,Jack Tatum(part soul patrol. nicknamed The Assasin),Willie Brown(soul patrol). that is the thing with the Raiders at most of their games at home or road. lot of old players there. Well welcome to the RAIDER NATION. in recent years like 10. they have been horrible/avg team but we got a cool fan base and KILLER COLORS/LOGO. have a great monday,bro

  2. Metallica would of been way better than Leppard. The guys I met yesterday who had come over for the game, seemed cool, so I will be sticking with the Raider Nation / Black Hole albeit from afar.

  3. Nice report, Ben, glad you had a good time. Great pics!

    So you’re a Raiders fan now….well, you picked a time that’s in the midst of a pretty long down period and it doesn’t look to turn around soon. Hope you like pulling for the underdog.

    I assume you’ve already booked a trip to Oakland for your first Raiders home game?

  4. Not yet Rob. but you know how my visits are. Plenty and regular. I always pull for the underdog, its the British way.
    Anger. Raiders will be added tomorrow !

    1. Wow….so it turns out you attended an historic game, Ben…..last one coached by Dennis Allen. He was fired on the flight back to Oakland!

      I think we have to give you some of the credit (or blame).

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